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How to save 50,000 tasks a year

“50,000 fewer tasks and more time to live.”

But what does this statement really mean? A smart home knows how to take care of tasks for its occupants based on their presence, lifestyle and even the local weather and season. It does most of the safety, comfort and energy efficiency work by itself, making it a Real Smart Home.

But wait there’s more. In addition to reducing these mundane tasks, the Loxone Smart Home also reduces a number of recurring thinking processes and worrying. Have I switched off the light? Is the patio door closed? Is the house heated enough? Even more, you’ll always be on your spouse’s good side for never again leaving these tasks forgotten.

These questions cost us valuable time and energy when they could be spent on more important matters. Whether that be cooking a new recipe for family or ordering a pizza for yourself. With the option to intervene manually at any time – a simple tap on the Touch or with the Loxone Smart Home App – you get necessary simplification into your life thanks to Loxone. And that’s a promise we can stand by, unlike the result of that new recipe or pizza delivery times.

Example of 50,000 tasks

We took a closer look at a home with 13 rooms and 18 windows (in a mathematical look, not in a creepy way). Shown as estimates, the everyday tasks and thought processes of a family of four is illustrated in the table below over a period of one year:

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